• Discount is applicable for limited period only.
  • Home deliveries are 7 days a week while
    office deliveries are 5 days (only weekdays) a week.

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The Subscription Process


Buy subscription

Buy subscriptions directly on our website, through our authorised sales agents or by calling our sales support.


Delivery starts

Delivery starts the next morning if the order is paced before 7pm. You can alternatively select a future start date for delivery by logging into your account and clicking on "manage my subscription".


Manage subscription

You can take advantage of our several subscription features (e.g., skipping a delivery, swapping the flavour of the day, pausing subscription etc. ) by logging into your account and clicking on "Manage Subscription"


Happy healthy you!

Sip, slurp, savor . . . And live a healthy life! Refer us to your friends and family and make them happier, healthier too!

Key Features


Daily fresh delivery

  • All Sattwa products are made fresh overnight daily and delivered early morning to our subscribers within hours of preparation. Residence based subscribers get delivery between 6am & 9am 7 days a week; office based subscribers between 10am & 1pm on all working days.

Lip-smacking weekly menu

  • We have a carefully designed menu developed by partnering with the best. The menu ensures that you get a diet consisting of wide range of nutrients over the week through a different flavour every day and lip-smacking tastes every-time

Swap your flavour

  • In addition to the weekly menu, we offer certain flavours called “Available Daily” which are available all 7 days of the week. If you want to try any of our “Available Daily” flavours, you could simply “Swap” the flavour scheduled with one of them through web or SMS.

Fix your own menu

  • You can also set your own menu by choosing one of our “Available Daily” flavours on any particular day instead of that day’s flavour for the full subscription period upfront.

Skip a delivery

  • Not at home the next day? Or have other plans? Simply use our skip delivery option either through web or SMS.

Take a break: Pause subscription

  • If you are going on a longer holiday (or for any other reasons) and want to "pause" your subscription for a few days, you can simply select the dates for no deliveries on the websites.

Add to delivery

  • Have any guests over? Need more than one bottle of juice (or another product) from your subscription on the same day? Just click on “Add to delivery” and we will send the extra juice bottles (or the particular product) from your remaining subscription on your specified date.

Manage for full family online

  • You get a single account for your household and can add as many subscription you want. Simply log in and manage multiple subscription (add nicknames to each subscription for easy management)
  • You can manage deliveries, flavors and renewal for each subscription from the single window.

Easy renewals

  • We will send you a message when your subscription is about to get over. You could renew it simply by making a payment online or by calling us and we will collect the payment from your premises.