Our Story

"Once upon a time there was a young kid. His parents wanted him to become taller, stronger and sharper. The parents knew that the secret to such growth lies in the kind of food their kid eats. So they ordered a local juicewallah, who used to visit the locality, to come to their home daily, and squeeze a fresh glass of juice for our hero every day. Well, the hero did grew taller, stronger and sharper. He even cracked competitive exams to get into a good college. Being the good boy he was, he continued the daily juice habit instilled by his parents even at college.

The time passed and our hero grew tall enough to enter the big bad professional world out there and settled into a newly shaped Indian metropolitan city. In this big city, it wasn't so easy to get the juicewallah come to your home daily and the juice shop round the corner- he wasn't quite sure how hygienic it was. As days passed, and his busy life became busier still, he kept forgetting habits of his younger days, one after the other, including the daily juices."

Doesn't really sound like a unique story- Does it? We know – we realized it when we shared our stories with each other and the only difference was whether the story belonged to a hero or to a heroine!

Our story did take a turn, when our daughter came along into the world and we looked for healthier alternatives for her (and ourselves)- healthier then the deluge of carbonated beverages in the market or the so called juices made from pulp and stored on shelves for months (if not years). In the end, we relied on juicing ourselves at home. But of course juicing at home is expensive and time consuming. While our search for a solution that could help us, went in vain, we decided to create the solution ourselves.

We did months of research and narrowed down on cold-pressed juicing technology- a superior technology that helps in retaining much more nutrients then the normal juicing process and that keeps the juices fresh for 3-4 days without adding any preservatives. We partnered with experts- chefs and nutritionists- to develop the recipes and solve the health-taste conundrum once and for all! We decided to create a scale that helps us in producing & selling the juices at a price lower then what it'd cost to produce the same juice at home while bringing in added convenience and time saving. It took us one and a half years and Sattwa was born.

The story of Sattwa has just begin!

Our Beliefs and Philosophy

The word "Sattwa" has its origins in the Sanskrit word for life and essence. In Indian philosophy, it symbolizes the quality of goodness, wholesomeness, purity, harmony and balance. At Sattwa, our endeavor is to develop products and services that embody this philosophy and enrich the lives of our customers.

The food you put in your body determines how you think, how you work, how you feel, how you develop, how you look and how you age. A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside. Healthy nutrition is not about low calories and definitely not about feeling hungry or being deprived. It is about nourishing your body with real, natural foods, so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest.

Accordingly Sattwa brings you products that are in their purest natural form, are freshly prepared (just like any food should be) and help in your wholesome mental and physical well-being.

Our Products

All Sattwa products are 100% natural, freshly prepared and contain no preservatives. While we intend to keep adding other products to our portfolio, our very first product is juices.

We deliver fresh, raw, unpasteurized & 100% natural juices, which contain no added sugar, no preservatives and no added colours at your doorstep every morning so that you can kick start your day with a dose of goodness!

What's more our juices are topped with carefully selected super-herbs which help you build immunity, improve mental cognition, flush toxins out of your body, relieve stress, improves physical fitness and brain health.

We have a new juice every day to keep your taste buds alive and give you healthy mix of all nutrients. Unlike supplements it is easily digestible and acceptable by our bodies.

We bring both the modern science and our ancient wisdom together to ensure that we compromise neither on taste nor on health! We take pride that our juices are not just the yummiest beverages you will get to savor but also the healthiest! We know it- we designed it that way :-)